The competition shall be held in accordance with the General Rules of the Games and those of the International Amateurs Athletics Federation

  1. Each team will consist of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 participants, one of whom will act as captain.
  2. The host organization will provide the services of a judge and other necessary officials.
  3. The athletics competition shall consist of a relay and a 10-12 km road and/or cross country race in which both men and women will participate.
  4. The relay will be a four person relay covering 4 distances of 1000 metres, 800 metres, 600 metres and 400 metres. The races will be held, as appropriate, either on a track or on a suitable road or cross country course.
  5. All team members will participate in the 10-12 km road or cross country race.
  6. The scoring shall be as follows: the winning team shall receive 12 points; the team finishing second: 10 points; the third: 8 points; the fourth: 7 points, the fifth: 6 points, etc.
  7. In the 10-12 km, the placing of the first four participants of each team shall be added together, and the team with the lowest total shall be the winner, the team with the next lowest total shall place second, etc. The points shall then be attributed as indicated in paragraph 6 above.
  8. In case two or more teams obtain the same totals in any event their respective ranking shall be determined according to their respective best placed participant.
  9. The team with the highest number of points shall be the winner of the athletics competition. If two or more teams obtain the same number of points, their ranking shall be determined on the basis of their score in the 10-12 km race.
  10. The judge shall communicate the results of each event to the discipline coordinator in writing, duly certified by the team captains.