The competition shall be held in accordance with the General Rules of the Inter-Agency Games and those of the Badminton World Federation (BWF), except where the present competition rules provide otherwise.

  1. Each team shall consist of a minimum of four players (three men and one lady), and of a maximum of eight (five men and three ladies), one of whom shall act as captain. All line-ups are based on a four men and two ladies combination (see para. 5). During any given encounter, a team must play as if four men and two ladies were present. Any missing combinations will be forfeited.
  2. A player may not play for more than one team nor play in more than two doubles matches (men’s, ladies’, or mixed doubles) and one singles match during each encounter.
  3. Before each encounter, the captains of the two teams shall exchange their team rosters, according to ranking, showing which players are scheduled for specific matches. Subsequently, no substitution shall be allowed, except if a player falls ill or is injured or fails to report for his or her scheduled match.
  4. Once an encounter has been scheduled, cancellation by either team shall be counted as a victory for the opposing team by default: 21-0, 21-0.
  5. Each encounter shall consist of three men’s doubles matches, one ladies’ doubles match, and two mixed doubles matches. A men’s singles match shall be played in case of a draw. If a team consists of the stated minimum number of players (three men and one lady), the line-up shall be as follows: two men’s doubles matches, two mixed doubles matches, and one men’s singles match.
  6. In case of a draw in any given group (either scenario), the number of sets and eventually the points shall be the deciding factors.
  7. Each match is decided on the basis of the best of three sets.
  8. The competition shall consist of one round only, and each team shall play against every other team. When this is not possible because of the number of participating teams, insufficient courts or lack of available time, the games will be played in two groups. Semi finals shall be played between A1 vs. B2 and A2 vs. B1, and the final shall be played between the resulting winners. The best 3-4 teams of the previous year shall be seeded according to their placing of the previous IAGs. The host organization shall establish the schedule of encounters in accordance with paragraph 11 of the General Rules of the Games.
  9. At the end of each encounter, the chief umpire shall communicate the results in writing to the discipline coordinator, together with the match records duly signed by the team captains.
  10. The host organization shall provide the services of a chief umpire to record the results and to resolve any dispute that may arise. The chief umpire’s decisions shall be final.
  11. The host organization shall designate an umpire for each match, and for this purpose may call upon players not involved in a match of their own.
  12. The host organization shall provide feather shuttles.