The competition shall be held in accordance with the General Rules of the Games and the rules of the World Darts Federation.

  1. Each team shall consist of a minimum of six players, plus two optional substitutes/reserves (men and/or women) one of whom shall act as captain, constituting a total of 8 players. If there are ten teams or less participating, each team shall play against all other teams; if eleven or more teams are participating, the teams shall be divided into two groups (box system). In this case, the winner of the previous year will head group A and the runner up of the previous year will head group B. Within each group each team shall play against every other team. There will then be play-offs between the first classified in group A and the second classified in group B, and between the second classified in group A and the first classified in group B. The final will then be played between the two winners, and the two losers of the play-offs will play each other for third and fourth place. In conformity with the provisions stipulated in rule 5 of the General Rules, the de facto lowest number of players would be 4. This is the lowest number by which a team has a mathematical possibility of winning the total encounter. Teams with less than the official minimum will automatically forfeit those games in which they cannot field a legitimate player or full team.
  2. A match will consist of:
    • 6 singles sets of 501, one leg each, straight in double to finish, but not to start;
    • 1 team game of 1001, one leg per game, straight in, double to finish;
  3. One point shall be awarded to the winning team of each game totalling seven points, plus one extra point for a match win totalling eight points per match.
  4. The two team captains shall, prior to the start of each match, independently list, in the order of play, the names of their players. No conferring between teams is permitted as to the order of play.
  5. Each game shall be played on a standard bristle type board – doubles, trebles, 25 and 50 (Bull) – hung 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) from the centre of the Bull to the floor, and the throw line at least 7 feet 9.25 inches (237 cm) measured along the floor and marked with a toe line.
  6. When throwing, players must not cross the toe line.
  7. To determine the order of play for each game, one person from each team playing the game shall throw one dart at the board. The person whose dart is nearest the centre shall be the one to begin the game.
  8. To finish a game, the exact number left must be obtained and if a player obtains more than the requisite number with any one of his/her three darts, the score shall not count. On the next throw, the player or the next player of the same team shall throw for the previous number required.
  9. A draw at darts is not recognized and the player, who first obtains the number required in accordance with the rules of the game, wins the game.
  10. The 50 or Bull counts as 2 x 25 and is recognized as a double 25, which allows the match to end.
  11. For each match played the “Home” team shall nominate a person to be the referee, the “Away” team shall nominate a per-son to be the marker.
  12. The result of each throw must be clearly shown on a scoreboard, giving the number obtained and the number required. All scores must be recorded by the marker and checked by the referee.
  13. No darts shall count towards the score unless the point is actually touching the board when the score is called. Darts are to be withdrawn by the player only after the referee has called the total score of the three darts, and the total score has been checked by the marker.
  14. The referee shall call “game shot” when a player has hit the required double to finish the games. But the game shot is only valid if the darts remain in the board until retrieved by the thrower. Any darts mistakenly thrown by a player after the winning double shall not count.
  15. The referee is the only person permitted to call the score. The referee may inform the player of the number he/she requires to finish the match, if asked.
  16. The captain of the winning team shall be responsible for returning the score sheet to the discipline coordinator.
  17. Disputes during any game shall be settled by the two team captains of that match and, in the event of disagreement, the dispute shall be settled by the discipline coordinator.
  18. If a team has less than six players (with a minimum of four players) at the board 15 minutes after the appointed time of starting, that team may still play but will automatically forfeit the team game and one game for each missing player and the points will be awarded to the opposing team.
  19. A team shall be deemed to have forfeited its right to play a match if it has less than four of its players at the board within 15 minutes from the appointed starting time. In this case, all eight points shall be given to the complete team present if the two teams are not present at the board 15 minutes after of the appointed starting time, the game shall be declared void and no points shall be awarded to either team. (The only exception being if one or both of the teams are still playing their previous match. In this case the discipline coordinator will then set a new starting time).
  20. In case of a numeric draw in the final classification, the winning team will be decided according to the results of the direct encounter between the 2 teams.
  21. By registering to participate as a player in the “Darts” discipline, the person concerned confirms that they have a general understanding of the rules of darts and that they possess their own set of darts.

Material Requirements:

  1. All dartboards shall be of the “Bristle” type
  2. All dartboards shall be adequately lit by suitably positioned light fittings (i.e. Minimum of 100 watt intensity)
  3. All light fittings must be so positioned that they do not reflect onto the throwers eyes or onto any other player´s eyes
  4. A raised Oche of a minimum of 38 mm high and 610 mm long shall be placed in position at the minimum throwing distance on each dartboard