Although medical certificates are not mandatory in Spain it is recommended that, for their own safety, participants consult with their general practitioner before engaging in any sporting activity. Participants and supporters are responsible for their own medical insurance. The host organization will not be held liable.


Please ensure that all participants have the necessary visas for entry into Spain and we would like to remind you that all participants must bring an identity card issued by their Organization. Please also remember to draw up, in line with Article 13 of the General Rules, a list of participants certified by your Personnel Department, which will be checked by the Control Committee before the beginning of the competitions. Any team that does not meet all criteria will forfeit their turns and will not be allowed to take part in any competition until their situation has been rectified.

It is requested to apply as early as possible for a visa to ensure that the visa is available on time. We would recommend immediate action to ensure visa availability. There will be no reimbursement for no-show due to visa-related problems.


The UN Department of safety and security (UNDSS) recommends that each participant should register in the common security system DRITS. This would allow for UNDSS to know who is at the Game and to react efficiently in case of unexpected event. We strongly encourage individuals to register into the system which is available here and create a request in TRIP. If you are not already registered, you may need to create a new profile.

Our Committee remains at your disposal for any further information you may require.

We look forward to seeing you in Málaga, Spain.